The Present Perfect Tense
Is a tense to express
An activity whose results are still visible
The Present Simple Tense in turn
Is a very common tense
And describes activities repeatable

The Future Perfect Tense
Is too tough to explain
So I feel I should proceed with something lighter
Could try some serious stuff
That might blow off your brain
But I'm gonna let you be till you get brighter


This is a song about nothing
Mind you - this song makes no sense
I'm singing this stuff and I'm laughing
I've left all these lyrics to chance

My life is filled with shit
I'm stuck in hesitation
My mind goes blank each time I hear you sing
I'm crying over lack
Of passion and creation
I have enough, I feel I need a drink

The blahbing that you hear
On each and every station
Won't differ much from what I'm doing here
Whatever you pronounce
Resembles a linguistic apocalypse,
Which means the end is near...